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Cocopeat is a by-product obtained from Coconuthusk during the fiber extraction. It is widely used worldover as a substitute for peat moss. It is an excellent soil conditioner and is being extensively used as a soil-less medium for agri-horticultural purposes. With its moisture retention qualities, coir pith is ideal for growing anthuriums and orchids. Usage of coir pith blocks ensures high oxygen levels and thus good drainage properties. They reduce the dormancy period of seeds and promotes early sporting in almost all flowering plants and vegetable crops.

Coco Peat - 5Kg Bale

Bale Dimension 30x30x12 cm
Unit Weight 5Kg(+ or - 3%)
Compression Ratio 5:1
Moisture 10-15%
Dehydrated yield(litter) 75
Weed Seed Nil

Coco Peat - 1Kg Bale

Bale Dimension 12.4x12.4x6 cm
Unit Weight 1Kg(+ or - 3%)
Compression Ratio 9:1
Moisture 10-15%
Dehydrated yield(litter) 12
Weed Seed Nil

Coco Peat - 650 gram Briquette

Brick Dimension 20x10x5cm
Unit Weight 650gm(+ or - 3%)
Compression Ratio 8:1
Moisture 10-15%
Dehydrated yield(litter) 9

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